Henry | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Nothing is as exciting to me as getting on the elevator in a hospital with the anticipation to go up and meet a brand new baby. I'm so thankful that this is one of my jobs! Henry was an absolute dream baby and added so many favorites to my ever growing list of favorite pictures ever. Congratulations Caitlin & Jared, Henry is SO precious! 

Side note: I have Fresh 48 sessions on the books for JANUARY already. The fact that people are contacting me as soon as they get pregnant because its a dream of theirs to have me do a session for them is THE best compliment ever and I am *so* grateful for the support. 

Aubrey | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Meet Aubrey, my NIECE! Such a perfect little baby doll with the longest eyelashes you have ever seen. My brother texted me a picture right after she was born and I'm pretty sure my first response was "OMG LOOK AT HER EYELASHES!" So thankful they have these memories of her at just a few hours old <3 

Ethan | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Sweet baby Ethan <3 An extra special session because his Mom is one of my friends and a coworker in the NICU. Her hospital room was full of sunshine and country music that day and I loved every second of it. Their love and excitement about their new addition was so sweet to watch as I took their pictures with him. I remember Emma telling me she never got any newborn pictures of her first son, so I know these images will always be cherished. Enjoy friends! 

Emmett | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

My first session for the new year and definitely a hard one to top. This boy was PURE PERFECTION and an absolute angel for his session. My passion in life is truly these Fresh 48 sessions, my heart is in them. 

Emmett, captured at 48 hours. Enjoy! 

Adler | Lifestyle Newborn | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Trying to catch up on blogging in the middle of busy season...makes perfect sense right?! This lifestyle session tops my list of favorites for the year. The light in their home was absolutely amazing and I felt like I couldn't take a bad picture if I tried.  Lifestyle sessions are so much less stressful than a traditional posed newborn session for me. They don't take hours, the baby doesn't have to be sleeping, there's no posing. I do however always bring my bean bag along in case I do get a super sleepy baby. That way its super easy to grab 1 or 2 posed shots and you can get the best of both worlds without any stress. Adler clearly slept through his whole session like a champ and never made a peep. I was in and out in 1 hour and they got a 68 image gallery...I call that a win. Enjoy friends! I hope you're all enjoying whats left of fall and getting excited for the holidays to come, I know I am <3 

Finley | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Ohh this baby! His long fuzzy hair, his sweet squishy face and THOSE EYELASHES. I loved him so much, I seriously could have snuggled him all day. This Fresh 48 was short & sweet, since Momma also wanted some traditional newborn shots with her other boys. But, I still got tons of shots and captured Finley while he was brand new.  Your newborn will change so quickly, I promise you won't regret having these images taken. If I could go back and have these of my boys I would do it in a heartbeat <3 

Emmy | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Finally getting around to blogging one of my absolute favorite Fresh 48 sessions!  This sweet baby was born on the 4th of July and couldn't be any more adorable. Her Mommy is one of my coworkers and is very dear to my heart. Seeing Casie with her baby in her arms when I first walked into their room definitely made me emotional. They are THE cutest little family and Emmy is pure perfection. I tried to narrow it down to my favorites, which proved to be hard- I hope you enjoy! Matt & Casie,  I am so unbelievable happy for you guys <3 

Cameron & Kendall | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

There's nothing better in life than a brand new baby, except maybe TWO brand new babies...right?! These precious identical twin girls were born at 35 weeks and went straight home from the hospital with zero complications...tiny but mighty! I think my favorite thing about twins is that they are almost always soothed by being next to each other. At one point during their session they were both fussy and as soon as I put them in their bassinet together they instantly stopped crying and went to sleep <3 They truly are so tiny and perfect they don't even look real to me in some of their pictures. Christin & Josh, you guys did so good! 

Liam | Fresh 48 | Columbus, Ohio Photographer

In writing this blog post I just noticed it's been since APRIL since I last blogged a session...oops! Sorry guys, I've been crazy busy over here.  I'm so glad I was able to squeeze this handsome little guy in my schedule, I had so much fun spending my afternoon with him & his family. When I sent his gallery to Momma she said..."It's hard to believe you got such great pictures because in my head he screamed the entire time!" Liam was definitely upset if he wasn't swaddled...or eating...or being held by Momma! Little man knew what he wanted, but we captured some pretty special moments in the end <3 Also, I'm pretty sure Kaleigh is the most gorgeous person I've ever met, I'm sure you all will agree after you see these! 

Thomas | Lifestyle Newborn | Central Ohio Photographer

Catching up on blogging old sessions and this was definitely a favorite. I'm pretty sure I squealed when I walked into Katie's bedroom because it literally had floor to ceiling windows on one wall...SCORE! Great lighting, an easy baby and an adorable family make this job wonderful <3 Thomas was super sleepy so I was able to grab a few posed shots and it maybe took me 5 minutes...which is probably a record for me posing a baby! I hope you enjoy this session, happy Monday friends!